Fiji with Airline Vigilantes 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Fiji Project with Airline Vigilantes!





You will need to arrive in Suva, Fiji (SUV) or Nandi (NAN) no later than Sunday October 7 2018. Airport transfers will be available from either airport between 6am and 6pm. We will take your flight details about a week before the trip.

I highly suggest arriving a day or two early to adjust to the time change.


From our partners in Fiji:

Our very own Sports Academy was created keeping these factors in mind and was designed in such away that your interest in sports and the enthusiasm to share your knowledge and energy could come and spend meaningful time in the playground. Children from the nearby community come after school hours and are grouped in teams. So, along with a local coach, you can impart your training to these budding sportsmen, give them workouts and at the end of the session enjoy some refreshments with them.

We hope someday these young sportsmen will proudly represent their country on an international field.

Sports in a child’s life is of great importance for his/her physical development and will affect their future.We encourage you to be creative and propose different sports-related activities depending on the students’ ages, likes and interests.

Learn a sport or teach one if you chose to work on the Fiji Teaching or Sports Coaching project in Suva, you’ll soon see that education is a crucial part of achieving sustainable development.

By teaching in these communities, you can make a real difference to the lives of young people growing up in Fiji, and learn about life in Fiji as a teacher. Sports education plays a crucial role in the lives of the young Fijians, with Rugby being the most popular sport. The program activities could be either one or all the activities such as teach sports rules, teach basics of games, show examples of sports, organize sport related activities, play sports with children, teach respect and fairness in sports.



Lodging will begin the evening of the Sunday October 7th and conclude Saturday October 13th.

Any additional nights or traveling you will be responsible for.

Roommate request will be handled 2 weeks prior to your arrival via email and FB.

***We are anticipating rooms that hold between 4-6 people. We will take 2 person room request based on availability then with priority to couples first.




Upon arrival in Fiji you will be issues a tourist visa. You DO NOT need to obtain one prior to arrival.



SUV – Suva, Fiji


NAN – Nandi, Fiji


AUK – Auckland, New Zealand


SYD – Sydney, Australia


MEL – Melbourne, Australia


HNL – Honolulu, Hawaii


NRT – Tokyo, Japan


SIN – Singapore, Singapore


KUL – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


DXB – Dubai, UAE

Good news is we have agreements with Fiji Airlines. They operate a non-stop out of LAX to NAN. I highly suggest that you have a backup plan as well if you choose to utilize this route. If 35+ people are all trying to get on the non-stop the day before the trip someone is going to be unhappy. You should always have a back up plan when non-revving or leave a few days early to guarantee your arrival.

*Please remember you are responsible for getting yourself to any destination. Take a look at our FAQ and Refund Policy pages for more info about non-rev and refunds.

You have many options for getting over to Fiji. Use for looking at every route via every airline. Rome2Rio is another website that will help you plan a non-rev path. Make sure you check the “Interline” box to see all connections.

You as always have the option to purchase a ticket. I priced them out a few days ago and the cheapest tickets seem to be on Google Flights and Kayak. Again that is 100% up to you. Purchasing a ticket can take the stress out of non-revving but can also start to add up quickly. Look at all your options and decide what is best for you.

To check loads and price out your non-rev ticket:


  2. Click “My Life”
  3. Click “Travel”
  4. Click “Fly”
  5. Click “Fly Other”
  6. Click “MyIDTravel”
  7. Select airline and city pairing
  8. Select flighs
  9. Price will be on the 3rd page after clicking next


For a full list of our cabin seat agreements please follow steps above then click “Travel Pass Agreements”



Decide what you would like to do before and/or after your trip. I personally will be taking full advantage of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Fiji. I’m looking at a few dive resorts and boats now. Make sure you book any all-inclusive or excursions ahead of time to avoid higher prices. New Zealand is just a jump away and the South Pacific has some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Grab a map and throw a dart. You’re bound to end up somewhere beautiful.



I hate this question about vaccinations. I am not your doctor. You can check the website for what they recommend. Talk to your doctor and decide what is best for you.

As with all Airline Vigilantes trips, you are required to make sure you have international coverage. As a SWA employee, we all have UHC international coverage for emergency evacuation. If you need and or want supplemental travelers insurance for anything from travelers diarrhea to impaling your foot with wood, check out Nomad travel insurance. YOU MUST PURCHASE ADDITIONAL TRAVELERS INSURANCE IF YOU ARE NOT A SWA EMPLOYEE OR INSURANCE DEPENDENT. Check with your provider for what coverage you already have or can add on. For more information please see our Legal Policies page.



Check with your phone provider of what international plans they offer.

SIM cards may be purchased upon arrival in Fiji. To use an international SIM card, your phone must be unlocked. Talk to your service provider about unlocking your phone.

You will have access to wifi in public places, however I can never guarantee the connection speed or reliability.



The $975 for the Sports program includes:

  • 3 meals a day starting the evening of the 8th
  • All lodging
  • Transportation while on the program (Excluding any airfare)
  • Airport transfers
  • Support from AV staff and Fiji local staff

You will need roughly $40-50/day spending money. Thats the best way to gauge it. You wont be spending much during your week with us with food and rooms included in your cost. $50 for basically just your bar tab would be on the high side. It is up to you. Your traveling before and after and any excursions will be up to you to plan and budget for.



We will be bringing a some donations. Please see the Packing List link below for more information.



8 months out or more –

Register pay deposit and set up payment options online

Make sure all information on registration is correct

Decide if you are going to non-rev or buy a confirmed ticket

Trade vacation weeks if possible

6 months out –

Have a basic idea of what your itinerary will be for traveling before or after.

Any big tourist destinations, like spa packages or all-inclusive resorts can be booked ahead of time.

2 months out –  

Have a set plan for your travel plans before and after, know what you would like to see and do in each destination.

Make sure your program fee is paid in full.

4 weeks out –  


Make arrangements for moving trips and obtaining time off.

Have a back up plan if you are non-revving if flights fill up

Make sure you are up to date on your HEP shots as well as Tetanus and schedule a doctors appointment if necessary.

Make sure finances are in order for the trip.

3 weeks out –

Arrange for things like pet care and house sitting.

Purchase any items you will need for the trip. (See packing list)

2 weeks out –

Schedule appointments for things like hair, waxing, or whatever you do.

1 week out –

Start packing.

Gather all items and make a pile. Usually bringing everything together ahead of time will keep you from over packing.

Confirm non-rev airfare and book any non-rev tickets.

Purchase any last minute items and personal care items.

3 days out –

Check loads if non-revving. Have a back up plan.

Make sure house and personal matters are attended to.

Call your banks and give them a travel advisory of where you will be going and for how long.

Check with your phone provider of what international plans they offer.

Day before –

Confirm flight times and loads.

Check your packing list.



Here is the link to your packing list

Here is the link to your FB group. This group will be a closed group only for those paid and confirmed on the trip. Please do not add anyone who has not registered and paid for their trip. If you have any issues with the link, add me as a friend on FB under “Alexandria Jeffers” and I will approve you.

Here is the link to the Airline Vigilantes FAQ page. This has a bunch of really good information on it as well about everything from vaccinations to insurance.

I know this is a ton of information but it should answer most of your questions. You can always email myself or Alexa McCracken at or with any questions. Also please use the FB group for bouncing ideas off each other, that’s what it’s there for!

I am really excited about this trip and look forward to meeting you all!

Alexandria Jeffers

President and Founder

Airline Vigilantes




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