Thailand is “near-international,” right?

Blogging. Something I never thought I would do. I am a terrible writer, and speller, and I really like run-on sentences. Not to mention my grammar is sub-par at best. If you are willing to sit through all that, I am pretty cool. I was asked to start a travel blog, and thought “why the hell not” people must be sick of all my Insta and FB post anyway.

I am a flight attendant for a major US carrier. I was recently called a “carnie” or “carney” if you will. Like circus folk. I gave the person who called me this the most perplexed look, so she explained.. “You travel from place to place and put on your show. You sing, dance, serve drinks, then usher people out.” She went on, “You especially meet the mold. You curse far too often, drink way to much, and smoke like a fish.” (yes, she said smoke like a fish) It was brilliant. I really cant think of any other perfect way to describe what I do. Therefor, the Flying Circus was born.

I can see myself occasionally posting about work, and there are a plethora of stories to be told, however traveling is the only reason I put on that song and dance everyday. I like to run away. 75 countries and counting. For my age, I’d say Im doing pretty good. I plan on adding outer space to that list before too long.

Here’s the thing with sky-people (my fellow airline carnies) most don’t use the travel benefits they have. We fly 100% for free domestically on any carrier, and fly for pennies internationally. Im talking about $45 roundtrip to Europe. Most people would kill to have those kind of perks. Not to mention we have full control over our schedules so there is really no reason not to fly away. I get it too. People have lives, children, grand-children, etc, but com’on. We put up with way too much BS everyday with the flying public not to run away.

I run a non-profit, attempting to finish grad school, flying when I can, traveling a lot, and maintaining my social life. I am fucking busy. I enjoy sharing these obnoxious stories. I update when I feel inspired to write. Stay tuned.


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